Dr. Mary Beth featured on Byron Rodgers Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

Jul 6, 2021 | Press

Byron Rodgers Executive Protection Lifestyle

In this podcast with Byron Rodgers we discuss what it takes to be a protector. We discuss topics that will help anyone from professional protectors to parents become better protectors.

From the event notes:
Dr. Mary Beth is a rare breed… as I did my research before doing this episode she’s one of the most respected females I’ve discovered in our industry. Mentors of mine have referred to her as a mentor which means a lot to me so this interview was quite an honor. Her career has been extremely impressive moving through time with the Secret Service as a special agent, military forces, and even PMC work. She’s the only woman ever to protect a foreign president outside of the US, she’s operated in theaters such as Peru and Haiti. She has operated as a VIP Protection Instructor for the US State Department-sponsored Anti-terrorism Assistance Program (ATA), and as the US Security Advisor to the Minister of Defense and the Vice President of Colombia.

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