Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke: Women in Security Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In this article we discuss my journey as a woman in security and my goal to help break the glass ceiling for other women entering into the field.

Dr. Mary Beth featured on To, Through, and After Podcast Series

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Shoppers Love This Self-Defense Keychain That They Say Has Saved Their Lives

In this article about the Sabre Red Pepper Spray Keychain, I talk with article author Susan Brickell about the Sabre Red Pepper Spray Keychain and the importance of knowing how to properly use it.

Brown Brothers Harriman’s 21 Women to Watch in 2021 features Dr. Mary Beth

So excited to have been selected as one of Brown Brothers Harriman's "21 Women to Watch in 2021". I'm incredibly honored to be featured among these amazing female leaders! Brown Brothers Harriman says, "These inspiring women have demonstrated their power as models of...

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Narcissism and Other Personality Disorders Watch my conversation with Dr. Josephine McNary as we discuss narcissism and other personality disorders on CalPsychiatry Presents: Mindstories podcast.

Protecting Presidents

In this presentation for the Santa Fe Council on International Relations, I discuss my journey from joining the Secret Service to becoming a private protector of the rich and famous. From the event notes:Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke—a former US Secret Service Agent who...

Stalking Trauma Syndrome

In this webinar for the 16th Annual Crime Victims’ Rights Conference, I discuss the short and long-term impacts that stalking has on its victims and our proposed diagnosis for the unique crime of stalking, Stalking Trauma Syndrome. You can watch my full presentation...

This Happened Podcast with Henry Veguilla features The Protector

The Protector It’s 1992 and Mary Beth is an agent in the Secret Service, working her dream job. From background checks to a detailed interview process, it took a lot for her to get there. But something life-changing happened that changed the trajectory of her life....

SWAAY features: Self-defense From A Former Woman International Protection Agent

What would you do if you felt physically or emotionally threatened in some way? Do you trust your ability to escape a dangerous situation without harm? Would you remain calm and grounded, responding if needed in an appropriate way, or do you fear you’d panic—making a...