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May 4, 2023 | Blog, Motivation, Positivity

rainbow colored dust from crayons with finger marks running through

Break the Beige Crayon

So… you follow all the rules, you make decisions based on what others will think, you continue to work a job you are miserable in, you are constantly comparing yourself to others, you don’t ask for what you want because it’s easier to just take what people give you, or you don’t express what you believe in because it might offend other people.

THIS is what I call living beige.

If we were to imagine a beautiful rainbow – well, beige doesn’t really make the visual cut. Of the seven colors of the rainbow, beige is actually sandwiched somewhere between orange and yellow but our eyes don’t distinguish it. Beige blends in – beige is in the background – beige does NOT stand out.

Now, beige is a great color, it has its place. It’s the perfect color for a wall because the photos, the wall art, and everything else you put on the wall stands out – beige is a terrific backdrop.

And, maybe you are enjoying your beige life – following the rules, not rocking the boat, and playing it safe – that’s totally cool. BUT, if you sometimes quietly think to yourself, “am I becoming boring?” “am I missing out?” or “my gosh, is this all there is?” Then, let’s talk!

So, what’s the problem with living beige? I believe there is great risk in playing it safe all the time and those “dangers” aren’t sudden, obvious, or dramatic – they develop slowly over time and, before you know it, you get stuck in the status quo, you are trapped in a box called your life, and that “comfort?” It feels joyless and more threatening than any risk you have ever taken.

Now, why does it matter? Well, for one, thanks to modern medicine, you might have years and years ahead of you – in fact, I hope you do! We are living a long time these days; so, whether you are in your 20, your 40s, your 60s and beyond, most of you still have years ahead of you. Ask yourself, what are you going to do with those years?

How do you go from living beige to living in color? Here’s an idea, become a BADASS!

So, what does that even mean – being a badass? The badass I am talking about and the badass I invite YOU to be is the person that is bold, colorful, takes action, and is true to yourself, a person that is proud of the life you are living. Most definitely NOT beige, aka a Goodass!

Let’s begin by understanding the neurological science of fear and working with it instead of against it. Fear is a natural human emotion designed to protect us from perceived threats. Neurologically, fear invokes a “fight,” “flight,” or “freeze” response which is referred to as our survival instinct.

This is also the case when we are making choices in everyday life – we choose the fight, flight, or freeze response. And, whether conscious or not, our choices are strongly influenced by our relationship with fear.

Goodasses typically choose the “flight” or “freeze” response as their survival instinct. They pay attention to the everyday fear of not wanting to rock the boat and heed to fear’s demands – this creates a life full of “I can’ts” “I shouldn’ts”, often asking, “what will people think or say?” before making a decision.

Here’s the thing, consistently choosing the flight or freeze response to everyday fear can create a box you live inside of – it’s cozy, it’s comfortable, and it’s safe… But, it’s also limiting and can be boring. And, do you know what color it represents? Say it with me, “BEIGE!”

The Badass response to that everyday fear is to “fight.” Badasses live their lives in bold, vibrant colors. They move through that fear and they move forward. They ignore the noise of what others say or think. Badasses do not allow that everyday fear to freeze them into inaction but, rather, fear motivates them to choose to be “in the action.”

How about it, are you ready to live your brightest life? It’s time to start bringing on the color, Badass!

Dr. Mary Beth