Take Action

May 4, 2023 | Blog, Motivation, Positivity

Let me tell you – my life has been far from perfect – I have had my ups and downs, that’s for sure. But, at the core, me being badass is about choices – good and bad, about taking action, about being true to myself, and about living a life I am proud of. I am a badass. What if YOU could be a badass too?

Let’s talk about YOU and how you can stop living beige — that boring background color that blends in, that doesn’t stand out. It’s time to start living in color and being more BADASS.

Begin your journey by letting go of fear. Guess what, your fear is 100% dependent on YOU for its survival. When you choose fear, you will choose the “flight” or “freeze” response every time. Fear wins, you lose. And, if you constantly choose fear, it keeps you in beige, it keeps you hostage in your own life… it keeps you in Camp Goodass.

Here’s the beautiful part – you have the power to choose to let go of the fear. When fear creeps in, acknowledge the fear and thank it for trying to keep you safe. Then, ask it to go sit in the backseat or to go take a nap because you have things to do.

Choose to put fear in its place and, when that little voice in your head asks, “is this all there is?” you say, “Hell, no!”

Take action… let go of the fear and choose to fight. Want a couple of ideas?

  • Instead of ordering Italian food through DoorDash week after week, why not cash some of those frequent flyer miles in, travel to Italy, and eat your way through the country — and, if you are single, have a fling with a hot Italian chef and let him cook for you.
  • Why not take that class or start that hobby you have been talking about for years or dreaming about for possibly decades and that makes everyone around you go, “YOU ARE DOING WHAT?”
  • How about going to a new hairdresser or a new barber and, when you walk in, you tell them they can do WHATEVER they want to your hair
  • Insert your own dream, wish, or whim here ______. Now, start making it happen!


Today is the day to let go of your fear, one colorful, badass choice at a time.

Dr. Mary Beth