Stalking Trauma Syndrome

Apr 29, 2021 | Press

anxious woman holding hands to her face

In this webinar for the 16th Annual Crime Victims’ Rights Conference, I discuss the short and long-term impacts that stalking has on its victims and our proposed diagnosis for the unique crime of stalking, Stalking Trauma Syndrome.

You can watch my full presentation from the NCVC’s Crime Victims’ Rights Conference.

From the event notes:
The conference will feature former US Secret Service Agent, Author, Speaker, and Self-Esteem Mentor, Dr. Mary Beth Janke. Dr. Janke’s training in Clinical Psychology paired with her rich professional background and training has shaped her unique perspective on how to be a “protector”. Her talk on Stalking Trauma Syndrome will expand your understanding of trauma in a new way.

This Happened Podcast features The Protector Mary Beth Wilkas Janke