The 9% Club: What It’s Like Being A Woman In The Secret Service

Dec 30, 2020 | Press

The 9% Club: What It's Like Being A Woman In The Secret Service
I walked into… No, I barged into a historically male-dominated profession, law enforcement, and I did it at the highest level, as a United States Secret Service Special Agent.

I did this by choice. I expected there would be doubters, critics, chauvinists, and jackasses alike, and there were. But there were also men who were tremendous supporters, authentic cheerleaders, and firm believers that female agents were not only necessary in the Service, they were more than capable of doing the job. That being said, I learned early on to keep my head down, keep my nose clean, and do my job. Oh and never let them see you sweat. Ever.

Here are just a few of my many meaningful experiences on the job.

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